Laboratory research focuses on perception, cognition, action, decision-making, social perception, individual difference, brain functions, and affective science. The main themes include: (1) Scientific investigations on explicit and implicit processes in human perception, cognition, and action, (2) Interdisciplinary approaches to cognitive sciences, (3) Practical applications of knowledge of cognitive, neuro and affective sciences.

Recent projects include perceptual bias in space and time, three-dimensional space perception, psychophysical investigations on cross-modal interaction, automation process of learnt sequential actions, implicit processes for decision making based on preference, cognitive analysis of media content, eye movement study on visual cognition and attention, implicit learning of visual context, implicit behavioral assimilation, digital media and children, developmental disorders, postdictive decision making, face perception, social cognition, human-robot interaction, and emotion regulation and manipulation, behavioral modulation.

Primary research keywords: perception, attention, cross-modal interaction, action, learning, plasticity, motivation, emotion, development, decision making, brain imaging, human-computer and human-machine interaction, creativity in interaction, culture, behavioral change.


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